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Ideal Bookshelf 946: Novels of the 1800s

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Many classic works in the English language, in classic (even if they're new) covers.
  • First offered in March 2016
  • Archival pigment ink print on fine art paper
  • Based on an original painting by Jane Mount
Frankenstein - Shelley
Middlemarch - Eliot
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
Anna Karenina - Tolstoy
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Crime and Punishment - Dostoevsky
Moby Dick - Melville
The Picture of Dorian Grey - Wilde
The Scarlet Letter - Hawthorne
Les Miserables - Hugo
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Verne
Dracula - Stoker
Vanity Fair - Thackeray
Pride and Prejudice - Austen
Sherlock Holmes - Doyle
A Tale of Two Cities - Dickens
Madame Bovary - Flaubert