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Don't see your book? Please check your spelling or try using another word in the title or author's name. If your book is not in the list, you can have Jane paint it separately and add it for an extra $40 per book. Click here to add a custom book.
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Drink your coffee out of your books.

This sturdy 11 ounce (i.e., normal size) or 15 ounce (more coffee!) white ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. There are books all the way around it, so it works beautifully for both coffee and tea drinkers, and for both righties and lefties.


1) Pick 20-30 of your favorite books from OUR LIST OF AVAILABLE BOOKS. Click on that link to go to the list and find your books, and then list them in the first field above in order of preference. Usually about 22 fit on an 11 ounce mug (and about 17 on a 15 ounce mug), but if most are very thick books perhaps only the first 18 will fit (i.e., the low books on the list might not make it on). On the other hand, if you choose all children's picture books, you should pick up to 30. 

PLEASE NOTE: If there is a book not on the list that is critical to your print, Jane can paint it separately and then add it in to your print. That costs a bit extra; click here for that option.

2) In the second field above, fill in the initials or name of the person whose Ideal Bookshelf this is (i.e., if it's for you, fill in your initials; if it's a gift for your daughter, fill in her initials, if it's for a couple you can use both, like "JM+DK"). That is just how Jane keeps track of things, and it won't appear anywhere on the mug!

PLEASE NOTE: Custom mugs are printed on demand and usually take 2-3 weeks to ship (instead of the normal 1-2 days), and come in a plain cardboard box, not our normal red and white branded box.