Custom Single, Pair, Trio, or Cover

Can you pick your one absolute favorite book of all time? (Jane's, BTW, is The Phantom Tollbooth.)

You could also pick several singles and hang them together. Maybe one for each family member? Or each decade of your life so far? Or each of your fields of interest? This also makes the ultimate publication day gift to celebrate your friend or client's first novel! All we need is a picture of the spine-to-be.

Or, for the perfect wedding gift for book nerds, let us know which book each would choose as their favorite of all time, and Jane will paint the pair together. Or for an awesome graduation gift for your youngest sister from you and the middle one, pick a favorite for each of you for a trio.

The 5x7" paintings are unframed and will take 2-4 weeks to get to you. The 8x10" paintings can also be in white, black, or natural frames up to 11x14", and take an extra 2-3 weeks for the framing.

Just let us know what book(s) in the field below. We have great photos of great editions of many great books, but if we don't have yours (or if there is a particular edition you'd like Jane to use) we'll ask you to send us a photo(s) of the full spine.


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