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PLEASE NOTE: This is a 2018 holiday thing and may not be available after that. All orders will all ship on December 11th or later but in time to arrive by December 24th.

This is a small original drawing of a rainbow by me, Jane Mount, sent to you straight from the island of Maui in Hawaii, where there are many, many rainbows.

I will donate all the proceeds from these rainbows to 826 National, a non-profit  that helps under-resourced kids learn to express themselves by encouraging "the exploration of endless possibility through the power of writing." There are currently eight amazing 826 chapters around the country, including the original 826 Valencia founded in 2002 by Nínive Calegari and author Dave Eggers, fronted by the Pirate Supply Store.

Some of these rainbows are very ROYGBIV traditional, some are black & white (!), and some are funky with just 3 weird colors or whatever. You just choose which style and I pick or draw one to send you (i.e., you don't get to pick the exact one you want). I know, that's crazy and scary! But they are only $25 each (+ shipping) which is not bad for an original piece, and it's for a great cause.

They are all drawn in ink or painted in gouache on Fabriano hot press paper, and range in size from 3x3" to 6x6". That's pretty small! (See how they compare to my hand in the photos.) Most are square but some are wider. They are all signed and dated.



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