Hemingway's Ideal Bookshelf

Every so often, we come across someone’s list of books that would so clearly belong on their ideal bookshelf if we had been able to hop into a time machine and ask them ourselves! In this 1935 piece for Esquire magazine, Ernest Hemingway names 18 books that he would rather read over and over again for the rest of his life than to receive an annual income of a million dollars a year. They are as follows:

Anna Karenina

Far Away and Long Ago


Wuthering Heights

Madame Bovary

War and Peace

A Sportsman’s Sketches

The Brothers Karamazov

Hail and Farewell

Huckleberry Finn

Winesburg, Ohio

La Reine Margot

La Maison Tellier

Le Rouge et le Noire

La Chartreuse de Parme


Yeats’s Autobiographies

plus “a few others” and maybe Andre Malraux’s Man’s Fate

via Kottke.org

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