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    Custom Paintings & Prints

    Want your very own Ideal Bookshelf? The books that changed your life, that defined who you are, that you read again and again! Record who you are at this particular time in your life, like getting a tattoo but less painful. Or maybe you'd like to give someone else theirs? Perfect for a birthday or first anniversary (paper!) gift, or for father's day, graduation, or whenever else you want to celebrate how much you love who that person is on the inside.

    We have two options for this, to allow for varied budgets.

    1) A custom PAINTING that Jane Mount makes by hand just for you, of any books you choose, in gouache and ink on Fabriano paper. You choose how many books and what size you'd like it to be, and then send us photos of any books we don't already have. These usually take 4-6 weeks (+ 2 extra weeks for framing).

    2) A custom PRINT. You pick up to 10 or 15 books FROM OUR LIST, and then Jane arranges them (from images she has already painted) to create a single archival print on Canson Arches paper, just for you. These are less expensive than paintings and take 1-2 weeks (+ 2 extra weeks for framing).