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PLEASE NOTE: Jane has a bunch of projects going on and only does a few custom paintings a year at this time. She highly recommends ordering a CUSTOM PRINT instead (they take her less time and are also less expensive!), but you can also email her if you'd like to make a case for why your painting should be an exception. ;)

An original painting of your Ideal Bookshelf in gouache (opaque watercolor) and ink on Fabriano hot press smooth watercolor paper, by Jane Mount.

How It Works
You pick your favorite books of all time, and enter your list in the field below. We'll let you know if there are any we're missing and need you to track down. We do have photos of a lot of books, and Jane will pick the nicest ones that look best together, and arrange them accordingly. Books in languages other than English are very welcome!

If there are specific editions you'd like Jane to use, please email us photos of the full spines (either together or separate is fine), large enough that we can read all the authors, titles, and publishers, and with some indication of relative size to each other. Smart phone photos in good light (not backlit) are usually perfect.

The (unframed) painting usually takes 4-6 weeks from when we get your photos, depending on the queue at the time (and often less around the holidays when Jane works hard to accommodate all gift requests!). Always let us know if you have a specific deadline you're hoping to meet and we'll try our best to make it happen.

Gift Card Info
If the painting will be a gift and you would rather let the recipient pick their own favorite books, you can purchase a Gift Card for a Custom Painting instead.

Size & Framing Info
Choose either 6x8" (about the size of a paperback book), 8x10" (slightly smaller than a normal sheet of letter-size paper), 11x14", 13x18", or 16x20", depending on the number of books you want to include. You can also choose to have the painting framed in a simple, elegant, white, black, or natural wood frame, with a white mat. The 8x10" painting will be framed in an 11x14" frame, the 11x14" and 13x18" in a 16x20" size frame, and the 17x22" in a 20x24" size frame. Framing is done by the wonderful folks at Simply Framed and usually adds 2-3 weeks to the lead time.

Additional Options
Once the painting is done, Jane can also make additional prints of the image (for fellow Book Club members, for instance), or a totebag so you can show off your books, or greeting cards so you can send out notes with your books on them. 

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