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Notebook with Your Existing Custom Print

Notebook with Your Existing Custom Print

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Carry your favorites with you all the time, so everyone can see them! It makes a great conversation starter.

If you already have an Ideal Bookshelf custom print or painting, you can have it put on a phone case! Just enter the title of it in the field below )i.e., "Ideal Bookshelf CP1234:JMM"), or if you don't know it, enter your name and/or the name of the person who commissioned it for you/gifted it to you.

PLEASE NOTE: This will work best if your print has between 12-18 books in it. If it has more than that, please email us (you can just respond to your order confirmation email!) to let Jane know if there are any that can be removed to make it fit better on the phone case. If you only have 7 or so books, Jane will do her best but it might not look as wonderful as it would with more books.

  • Thick 70 lb. / 100 gsm premium recycled paper inside
  • 144 pages in the softcover and hardcover layflats, and 120 pages in the spiralbound
  • Soft-touch covers are laminated
  • Hardcover has durable, library-quality binding
  • Based on original work by Jane Mount                       
Please see the tabs below for more details on lead time and more!

Lead Time & Production

Custom notebooks are designed by Jane and printed on demand by Denik, and usually take 2-3 weeks to ship, and if you add a book(s), that can add up to a week. But let us know if you have a specific deadline you're hoping to meet and we'll try our best to make it happen!

Style Options

The spiral and softcover notebooks include space for entering contact information on the inside front cover, and a blank stack of books you can fill on on the back inside cover.

Book Orientation and Arrangement

On notebooks the books fit best stacked on top of each other (instead of lined up next to each other), perhaps with a few on the sides leaning against the stack, depending on how many you choose. Jane will use the editions of books (if there are multiple possibilities) that look best together, and will arrange them in the most aesthetically pleasing way. If you would like Jane to use a particular edition of a book you have seen in another one of her prints, please describe the spine AND tell us which print you saw it in.

Gift Certificates & Other Options

If the notebook will be a gift and you would rather let the recipient pick their own favorite books, you can purchase a Gift Card for a Custom Notebook instead.

Jane can also make an archival print, a mug, a phone case, a tea towel, or a tote of your favorites, please see here for all the options.

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