Mug: Custom Ideal Bookshelf

Drink your coffee out of your books.

Pick 15-30 of your favorites from these books in our list, and enter them in the field below in order of preference. Usually about 20 fit on a mug, but if most are very thick books perhaps only the first 15 will fit (i.e., the low books on the list might not make it on). On the other hand, if you choose all children's picture books, you should pick up to 30. 

This sturdy 11 ounce (i.e., normal size) white ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. There are books all the way around it, so it works beautifully for both coffee and tea drinkers, and for both righties and lefties.

Custom mugs usually take 2-3 weeks but let us know if you have a deadline you're trying to meet.


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