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Add a Book to a Custom Print

Add a Book to a Custom Print

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If there is a book you'd like to have in a Custom Print but it's not on our list because Jane's never painted it before, you can use this listing to add it, and Jane will paint it for use in your print. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is $40 per book you want to add (it takes Jane a good bit of work to find, paint, and scan in your book), so if you want Jane to paint 2 books, add 2 of these to your cart, and add 3 for 3, etc.

If you have a particular edition of the book you'd like Jane to paint, email us a photo of the full spine of it from top to bottom, large enough for all the type to be legible. Otherwise Jane will find the best-looking and/or most interesting spine she can (usually the first edition hardcover dust jacket, but not always) and paint that.

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