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    News! — book

    Ideal Bookshelf Data

    When my boyfriend, who works on data for Kickstarter, offered to take a look at the mess of spreadsheets and lists that we accumulated making Ideal Bookshelf (nearly two thousand books were chosen, over one hundred bookshelves), we were overjoyed!

    My favorite featureis this cloud of contributors (screen shot below). If you move your mouse over the node, you can see what books they have in common...

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    Achievement unlocked! We were included in Dwight Garner's holiday...

    Achievement unlocked! We were included in Dwight Garner's holiday roundup for The New York Times

    These are books that go thump when you drop them. They make an impression. Lugging one around is as good as going to the gym. I love them unreservedly.

    Dwight Garner is one of my favorite critics. I often wonder what he would put on his ideal bookshelf if forced to choose… 

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