This is our book, woohoo! You can get it on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at many excellent indie bookstores everywhere, for less money than this.

But just in case you'd like to have a copy of it signed by Jane Mount (the one who made all the pictures in it), this is the place to order it.

When you check out, please let us know (in the pale yellow "Add a note" field on the shopping cart page) whether Jane should just sign her name, or if you'd like her to inscribe it to someone (i.e., "For Madison, with all the best", etc.). If inscribed, let us know the name of the person.

NOTE: We're very happy to ship a book to Europe, Asia, Australia, or anywhere else, but unfortunately it costs a lot more to get it there in a reasonable time (as opposed to sending it book rate). We don't want to raise the shipping prices across the board for orders going outside North America, so instead we've added the supplemental cost here, as a purchasing option in the dropdown menu below.



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