Booklist for Ideal Bookshelf 1165: Antiracist YA


So many thanks for all your recommendations! Here's the Young Adult stack. As with the kids set there are very specific books on being an antiracist and being Black in America, but also some about being discriminated against for other qualities (including magical powers! see: Children of Blood and Bone), and how to love everything about yourself ❤️. I was thinking of this as something that might hang in a classroom or school library, and hoped to appeal to many different students.

As always, there are way more I could have added, so please add to the list in the comments below! (And the more you tell us all about a book, the better! ;D) Oh and thanks to your input I moved Stamped and It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime over here to the teens section.

I included a few books written for adults but that are also great for teens. And don't forget, adults are TOTALLY ALLOWED to read YA books!

You can also buy/order these books from Black-owned bookstores, and here is a sortable list to find one in your area! The list below links to buy the books on, which financially supports local, independent bookstores. (Official disclosure: We are an affiliate of and will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.)