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    You received an Ideal Bookshelf gift card, woohoo! Find the instructions below that match what you received.


    Take a look at all our available prints, and then email us with your choice, your preferred shipping address, and the name of the person who gave you the gift card. We will send it out right away!


    Pick up to 10 books from our list, and email us your choices. Jane will arrange them to create a single archival print in an edition of 1 on Canson Arches paper, just for you. This usually takes 2-4 weeks.


    The first (and by far the most difficult) step is to pick your books. Look at your card to see how many you should choose (up to 7, or up to 10, etc.), and then start the painful process of choosing the ones that are your favorite favorites, that made you who you are today, or that you read again and again. (If you really can't get it down to the required number, you can decide to add more, just email us for pricing.)

    Once you've done that (it takes some people a full year, seriously), email us photos of the full spines (either together or separate is fine), large enough that we can read all the authors, titles, and publishers, and with some indication of relative size to each other.

    If you don't have the books or don't care which editions are used, email us your list first and we'll let you know if there are any we're missing and need you to track down. (We can sometimes track them down for you, but it will often cost a good bit extra.) We do have photos of a lot of books, and often several versions of any given book. If we do have them, Jane will pick the ones that look best together, and arrange them accordingly.

    The painting usually takes 6-8 weeks from when we get your photos, depending on the queue at the time.