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Coloring Poster - "Books Read by..."

Coloring Poster - "Books Read by..."

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Make your own Ideal Bookshelf!

This is an 12x27" poster to color in! For kids AND adults!

Fill in all the books you've ever read, or that you've read in the last year, or that you read in the last week!

It also works great for classrooms! Students can collaborate to fill in the books they read during class in a school year, or each student can fill in one with their recent reads.

If you order 4 you get a fifth FREE! Just enter the code POSTERFUN at checkout. If you'd like to order 10 or more, please email us for bulk pricing!

Printed on quality matter paper, so you can use colored pencils, paints, or markers (but as always, be careful about heavy markers going through to the other side and marking the floor or wall!)

It comes with an adorable tiny set of colored pencils with their own built-in pencil sharpener, so you can get started right away.

Ships in a cardboard tube.

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