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2 reviews
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PLEASE NOTE: Order by December 9th to receive a Custom Print by December 24th in the U.S., or by December 1st if you'd like it framed!

A custom print of your Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount. 


1) You pick your favorites from OUR LIST OF AVAILABLE BOOKS. Click on that link to go to the list and find your books, and then list them in the first field above.

If there is a book not on the list that is critical to your print, Jane can paint it separately and then add it in to your print. That costs a bit extra; click here for that option.

2) In the first dropdown menus above, choose the size and number of books you'd like, and whether or not you'd like us to have it framed for you, and in what color.

3) In the second field above, fill in the initials or name of the person whose Ideal Bookshelf this is (i.e., if it's for you, fill in your initials; if it's a gift for your daughter, fill in her initials, if it's for a couple you can use both, like "JM+DK"). That is just how Jane keeps track of things, and it won't appear anywhere on the print, only on the packaging, only on the packaging of unframed prints (and nowhere on framed prints).

4) In the final dropdown, choose whether you would like your books lined up next to each other in a row on a shelf (the original and default option!), or in a stack, laying on top of each other. (Please note, if you have picked the 15 or 20 book option, Jane will probably have to line them up and stack some on top (or stack them and put a couple leaning against the stack) to have them fit well on the page (as in the fourth image)! Please let us know if you want them all in a line instead, even if that means they are smaller on the page, as in the fifth image.) Jane will try to maximize the use of the paper, so if you choose only 7 books, or very thin books, she may put them on the paper vertically, because otherwise they would be much smaller, only in the middle of a horizontal piece of paper (as in the next-to-last image). Please let us know if you want yours on a horizontal piece of paper, even if that means they will be smaller on the page (as in the last image).

PLEASE NOTE: Jane will choose the editions (if there are multiple possibilities) that look best together, and will arrange them in the most aesthetically pleasing way. If you want them in a particular order instead (alphabetical, chronological, etc.) no matter how they look, no problem, just let us know. If you would like Jane to use a particular edition of a book you have seen in another one of her prints, please describe the spine AND tell us which print you saw it in.

PLEASE NOTE: The first image is just a placeholder to represent any and all books; please see the other images for actual examples!

Unframed custom prints usually take 2-3 weeks, depending on the queue at the time. But let us know if you have a specific deadline you're hoping to meet and we'll try our best to make it happen! If you add a book(s), that adds at least a week, and framing adds 2-3 weeks, please see below for more info!

Gift Card Info
If the print will be a gift and you would rather let the recipient pick their own favorite books, you can purchase a Gift Card for a Custom Print instead.

Size & Framing Info
Choose 8x10" (slightly smaller than a normal sheet of letter-size paper), 11x14", or 16x20", depending on the number of books you want to include. You can also choose to have the print framed in a simple, elegant, white, black, or natural wood frame, with a white mat. The 8x10" print will be framed in an 11x14" frame, the 11x14" in a 16x20" size frame, and the 16x20" in a 20x24" size frame. Framing is done by the wonderful folks at Simply Framed and usually adds 2-3 weeks to the lead time.

Additional Options
Jane can also make additional prints of the image (for fellow Book Club members, for instance), or a mug so you can show off your books while drinking coffee.